Government Health Benefits


  • Medical Services Plan

    • Covers hospital, doctor visits, laboratory tests (x-rays, MRI’s)

    • Requires a monthly premium to be paid

    • Is a requirement as a citizen of the province of BC

  • Pharmacare 

    • Drugs only - and only for amounts over the annual family deductible (see chart)

    • All drug insurance plans require you to be a member of Pharmacare.

    • There is no premium required – it is ‘paid for’ through your taxes – but you must ‘register’ with the province to have this benefit.

What is Not covered by government medical plans

      • Drugs beneath the deductible Pharmacare limit

      • Drugs not ‘approved’ for MSP /Pharmacare (ie. non-formulary)

      • Dental expenses

      • Chiropractors

      • Naturopaths, Acupuncturists

      • Medical travel costs










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