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Annual Travel Insurance Coverage
 ……(to age 70)


Travel infrequently or for short periods? Out of the province as well as out of the country (important as your Provincial health plan will not cover all costs in other provinces)? Need to know that you and your family are always covered against the high costs of medical help in the US - and the rest of the world? Forgot to get the travel insurance before you left? Have pre-existing health issues that might prevent you from being covered under other travel plans?

Its time to get a 'permanent' travel policy that is always in force. One with no underwriting and no pre-existing health exclusions while you are under age 65!

  • Yearly travel plan (ie. ‘permanent coverage), premiums paid monthly

  • Unlimited number of 30 day trips per year + individual extensions up to 180 days per trip 

  • $5M benefit for insured - family coverage also available

  • 24 hour coverage anywhere in the world (except war areas, etc.) 

  • No pre-existing condition limitations for those under age 65 (6 month stability period required if over age 65).

Available for purchase up to age 64 with coverage through to age 70.

Plan Cannot be purchased by itself. It is designed to be added to disability benefit coverage. 

Ask ConsultDoug for a quote for yourself and your loved ones!!!

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