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Life Insurance - Guaranteed Benefit Coverage              
……….(issue age to 85 – coverage to age 100)


Life insurance coverage that is available regardless of health. Benefits are limited within the first two years for a death caused by an illness. A full death benefit is paid for a death due top illness after two years.

  • Life insurance, renewable to age 100:  $5k;  $10k;  $15k;  $20k;  $25,000 benefit amount

  • Includes Accidental death benefit of 4 x’s benefit amount purchased (immediate full coverage with no waiting period)

  • Death due to illness within first 2 years = return of premium.

  • Living Benefit: 50% tax-free with diagnosis of terminal illness (after 2 years in force). A terminal illness is one with a prognosis of death within 12 months. Benefit is paid to the insured.

This plan can be purchased by itself (ie. as a 'stand-alone' plan). 


Ask ConsultDoug for a quote for yourself or your loved one.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (+ Loss of Use)
 ……(coverage to age 70)


Guaranteed issue coverage for accidental death and paralysis: full or for different parts of your body. There are no exclusions for hazardous occupations or hazardous hobbies (unlike many other AD&D plans available). So even people with risky occupations can get this excellent coverage. Only pilots and aircrew flying for work are excluded coverage while working.

  • $ 50,000, $100,000, $200,000  or  $300,000 benefit amount

  • Single coverage or Family coverage (50% to Spouse and 15% to each dependent child)

  • Loss of Use included: (paralysis) of arms, legs, hand & foot, digits of hand or foot – all at a percentage of the total benefit amount

  • No health questions or medical requirements!

Also includes Day Care benefit, Education benefit and home/vehicle alteration benefit.

Plan can be purchased up to age 64 and continues through to age 70. There is no requirement that the applicant must be working or earning an income.

This plan can be purchased by itself (ie. as a 'stand-alone' plan)..

Hazardous Hobbies covered!!! (except flying as a pilot)

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