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Critical Illness to age 70 with Level Premium 


Guaranteed issue plans (Tier 1) that require no medical underwriting to qualify. However, coverage can be limited by pre-existing critical illnesses conditions or medical indicators of those conditions.

  • $5,000;   $10,000;   $15,000;   $20,000;   $25,000  benefit amounts

  • Available even if refused by other insurance companies

  • Each type of cancer covered as a separate condition. Prior existence of a cancer does not necessarily preclude coverage for other types of cancers. See representative for explanation.

  • If you have suffered one of the covered conditions, you can obtain the coverage for the other covered conditions.

  • Level premiums to age 70. 

  • 24/24 month pre-existing condition: no coverage in 2 years following policy issue for any existing medical condition that could lead into a diagnosis of one of the 23 covered conditions not already suffered
    (eg. diabetes).. After 2 years from the effective date, even those conditions will be covered


  • 23 Covered Conditions:

      • Aorta Surgery

      • Alzheimers

      • Benign Brain Tumor

      • Blindness

      • Cancer

      • Cancer Recurrence

      • Coma

      • Coronary Artery Bypass surgery

      • Deafness

      • Dismemberment

      • Heart Attack

      • Heart Valve Replacement

      • Loss of Independence

      • Loss of Speech

      • Major Organ Failure

      • Major Organ Transplant

      • Motor Neuron Disease

      • Multiple Sclerosis  (MS)

      • Occupational HIV Infection

      • Paralysis

      • Parkinson's Disease

      • Severe Burns

      • Stroke

Benefit is tax free when received and may be spent any way that the insured wishes to use it. Second event of different type can be covered if premiums continue to be paid after claim is paid for first event.


A standard 30 day survival period; cancer not covered for the 90 days after first purchase of the plan; ‘spousal coverage’ is available.

Plan can be purchased by itself (ie. is a 'stand-alone' plan).

$50,000 (Tier 2) // $75,000 / $100,000 Plans  (Tier 3)

  • available with minimal medical questions

  • NO questions about family history!

  • plan remains in force to age 70

  • level premium to age 70

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