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Many shorter term disabilities are due to bone fractures or breaks. Thay can all take different amounts of time to recover from but all share one thing: they impact your ability to get on with your life!


Benefit: A lump sum payment is made based on the type of fracture/break. A multiple of the benefit amount purchased is then paid at time of claim. Plan remains in force to age 70.


Claim is paid upon receipt of valid X-ray proof of injury.

Who Can Get This?

Anyone over the age of 18 and under the age of 65. Both of these mentioned plans are more expensive than the 'single' coverage demonstrated here. No medical qualifications are required. You do not have to be 'working' or have a job to be able to get this benefit.


Note that 'Hazardoug Hobbies' are not covered but that amateur sports are.

Premiums are designed to be level to age 70.

Benefits are paid tax free and in addition to all other benefits received (eg. WCB, EI, group LTD)

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