The Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is the most efficient way to allocate employer benefit dollars to cover employee reimbursement-type claims. Dental expenses and Extended Health expenses are not ‘large financial catastrophes’ and so do not need an insurance component – they are reimbursement benefits.


But it does not cover all the benefits usuallyincluded ina full benefit plan

Not Included in Your PHSP H&D Tax Plan


Life insurance and Long Term Disability are insurance concepts covered by a group insuranceplan ‘wrap’. These are separate plans to the PHSP and are ‘wrapped’ around the PHSP health coverage. This way the best plans cover the employees in the most effective and cost efficient manner.



  • Life insurance 

  • Dependent Life insurance 

  • Long Term Disability (LTD) - or disability injury & illness coverage 

  • Critical Illness coverage



  • Life & LTD Wrap for larger groups: life insurance and Long Term Disability group insurance plans that are set up and 'wrap' around the PHSP health and dental benefits.


  • Individual plan coverage for small businesses: each individual can choose to add disability coverage or other coverages on an individual basis. These benefits would then be portable for the employee.










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