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Over four decades in the financial and insurance industry and the main question asked remains the same: "What does that mean?". This website is meant to help explain some of the basic terms and plans that are available to consumers of health, dental and other insurance plans. Consulting Inc., is a web based referral portal for business, insurance and financial information. Author of this website, Doug McChesney BA RHU, is the principal of this group.


Doug McChesney BA, RHU with experience in the insurance industry (Life and Disability insurance) since 1976; 10 years as a disability claims manager; 6 years as a corporate group representative; has a BA from the University of Western Ontario; an HIAA degree in Group Life & Health and holds the Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) degree. Doug runs, an MGA in BC for Edge Benefits Inc. and is also the BC Regional Manager for Olympia Benefits Inc., a prominent HSA provider in Western Canada.


As an experienced seminar speaker and trainer, he instructs insurance professionals and other advisors in the Private Health Services Plan (PHSP), HSA's, travel insurance and Disability Insurance products. He also works with a small select group of personal clients for whom he offers full services.


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